About Us

Here at The Cosmetic Suite we pride ourselves on being up to date and well versed on all the latest Beauty & Semi-Permanent Makeup techniques, tips & tricks and equipment.

This ultimately helps us give great treatments to our clients, but also the ability to pass on that knowledge and allow others to join this ever-expanding and lucrative trade.

The Cosmetic Suite provides not only a place to go and relax while your SPMU and cosmetic needs are met, but a place to train if you decide to pursue or upskill in this competetive market.

the cosmetic suite

Driving Industry Trends

We explore how advances in technology and the growing artistic nature of so many talented technicians is making SPMU a increasingly respected, sought after and lucrative line of work. Here at The Cosmetic Suite we pride ourselves on being not just a competitor but a leader in the field. Always looking to be one step ahead.

Teaching Valuable Skills

The future is bright, and we see SPMU becoming increasingly popular. Here’s your chance to get ahead of the curve and pave your way in the industry.

The earning potential for technicians is high, up to £58,000 a year once completely qualified and set up.

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